Auld Lang Syne


2014.  What an overwhelmingly fun and challenging year 2014 had been!! It was a year of firsts and nerve-racking new beginnings! One huge parade of upheavals and changes, goodbyes and hellos, drunkenness and sobriety! hahaha! If I could condense the events of 2014 into a term, it would be self-knowledge.  The happenings of the previous year made me realize so many things about myself – my preferences, what pushes and inspires me to make the choices I do and to play the hand I’m dealt. With every curveball, I was reminded of all the simple things I ought to be grateful for: the love of my family and friends, the chance of meeting and working with great people and pursuing my dreams.

As I welcome 2015 with an open heart and an open mind, I pray for the strength to weather the challenges ahead of me and to battle my personal issues and demons, the fortitude to fight for my dreams and achieve my goals, and the lightness and love to bear witness to the inherent goodness in the people around me.

So, here’s to 2015, all at once the present and the future, full of promise, mountains to conquer and seas to swim, (literally and figuratively), bonds to cherish and make stronger and places within and without to explore!! 😀

P.S. Quite stoked with the 2015 Moleskine planner that a good friend gave me as birthday/Christmas present! Love its fine paper and variety of stickers! Can’t wait to fill it with intensive fieldwork schedules and exciting plans and events!! 😀


Hopeful for the New Year


Seeing that the New Year is upon us, I decided to peruse through the planner the Pianist gave me as a Christmas present and came across this page. I’m still thinking which of these items I’ll adopt in my personal to-do list. Hehehe. Except for “Quit smoking”, of course, because I do not smoke. I don’t usually make New-Year’s-resolution type of lists but I feel that I want to come up with one for 2013. And this list comes in handy as an inspiration/sample of sorts.

2012 has been one roller-coaster ride of a year for me. Ups and downs. Lots of upheavals! But yeah, I guess it’s true what it says in Eat. Pray. Love. that “Ruin is a gift. Ruin is the road to transformation.” Needless to say, the ending year brought in its fair share of great moments, sparkling ones even. And all these are enough reasons to be thankful to God. The polishing is definitely underway.

The coming year promises new beginnings and clean slates. I hope that I make good use of them. I know that I have a lot of things I need to work on and I want to be more proactive this coming year. To a better self and a productive year ahead, cheers! 😀