Authenticity and originality demand roots but don’t demand frontiers.

I just want to share this. Things my favorite French singer Camille Dalmais believes in.

It makes sense, especially in our times. 😀


Here is a paradox, she says. Authenticity and originality demand roots but don’t demand frontiers. Her hope for herself is to be successful in France but also abroad, not as a “French singer”, but as someone defined by her lack of national definition. “I’ve never thought of being a ‘French’, a made-in-France artist. I really feel like belonging to a country is completely old-fashioned. I really don’t identify with that. I think art is not about that. It’s about talking about your roots, and references, and of course that’s important, but it’s about being universal really. It’s about thinking about frontiers differently – geographical frontiers but also frontiers of your mind, of genres.”

Camille has extraordinary self-assurance. She does admit, however, to being scared of one thing: success. She says success can be liberating in the sense that it can allow you to choose your own path, and choose the people you work with but it can also be a tyranny, a prison.

“I think you have to tame success,” she says. “The problem with success is that, after a little time it asks you something. It’s expecting something from you. You know this phenomenon. It expects something from you.”


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