I feel so strongly for this one – not that I date and sleep around. Hahaha!
A fitting song for this topic would be Dear John by Taylor Swift, which, unsurprisingly, was written for John Mayer.

Dating and falling in love with a jerk would provide for the best (worst) case of unrequited love. This is the kind of love that will make us more careful, less idealistic. We become disillusioned pseudo-adults, always thinking and re-thinking our steps. And for a time, we will believe that it’s all we deserve. But no. Because time has a way of healing everything and before we know it, we’re alright again — freer, more beautiful and more amazing than we ever were. In the same line, this kind of love will ground us, make us realize that we can’t always get what we want, what we think we deserve. Because, sometimes, we deserve better. It’s both a lesson in humility and self-worth.


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