Because life is made up of moments

I remember when we first met.  I told her I wanted to be a writer and that I knew a great romance was waiting for me to write it.  She smiled and said that she hoped a great romance was waiting for me to live it.  Life is made of these moments.  Relationships are based on such moments, such choices, and such actions.  And that’s the one moment I will carry with me after all others fade – the one which makes all the others worthwhile.Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba, Daytripper

~ o ~

She looked down at the commotion of the expanding universe.  There was a suppressed emotion in her eyes I couldn’t place.  Was it excitement? Or pain? Or wonder?  She has a way of hiding her deepest feelings, of keeping emotions at bay.  It was part of her job as an observer – to be unfeeling and disconnected.  She just came back from the Milky Way, with drops of Jupiter in her hair – stunning as ever.

“What do you think?” I asked her with a warm smile and the steadiest voice I could muster.  She looked at me, that suppressed emotion gone from her eyes and shrugged.  With a cold voice and a calculating stare she said to me, “It’s a glimpse of eternity.”  I expected that, her speaking in riddles and I found that I’ve taken a liking for all her roundabout ways.  What goes on in that mind of hers escapes me.  But all her indirect ways kept me awake many a nights, trying hard to decipher the meanings behind her famous one-liners.  Straightforward has become boring for me.  I snapped out of my reverie when I realized that she was already gone.  Off to observe.  I’m glad she loves her job.  I closed my eyes and saw her dancing along the light of day, heading toward the Milky Way, her favorite galaxy.

~ o ~

“I just want a happy ending.”

“Everybody wants a happy ending.”

I nodded. We sat there, across each other, looking defeated.  We both understood how it feels to want something out of the pages of a fairytale.

~ o ~


At a beach party

I walked to the bar and grabbed a glass of vodka. A man beside me said, “Scotch please” to the bartender.  I looked at him and he caught me staring.  He smiled and said, “Hi”.  I smiled back.  A voice in my head nagged, “He’s the one.” I tried to shove away the silly thought.  I walked away smiling, thinking, “That was weird.”  I never believed in love at first sight.

I walked to the bar and ordered scotch.  I saw the girl beside me look up and stare.  I smiled and said hi.  She looked pretty as she smiled back, her laugh lines showing.  I got the scotch and heard a voice in my head say, “She’s the one.”  What a silly thought to come upon seeing a person for the first time! I looked beside me again but the girl had already gone.

~ o ~

At a fireworks show

“I have to find the perfect spot.  God knows how much I love fireworks!” in her head.  She bumped into a guy who was looking up smiling.  The fireworks had started.  “He’s the one,” said by a little voice in her head.  She squeezed her way through the crowd.  She looked back and saw his face.  She smiled and watched the fireworks.

“Beautiful.  More so if I were with someone I love,” were the thoughts playing in his head as he took in the first bursts of lights in the sky.  The fireworks had started.  A girl bumped into him, scurrying to find a good spot.  “She’s the one,” whispered a tiny voice in his head.  He smiled and looked but only saw the back of her head.  He looked up and watched the fireworks.


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