The Need for Speed

They say guys have the need for speed.  They get so excited about cars, obsessing over the best models,  the finest engines.  Some go even as far as practically worshiping their “babies”, which reminds me of a scene from one of my most favorite movies, The Bucket List (2007):

Edward Cole: [Carter’s obsessing over a Shelby Mustang] You gonna drive it or buy it a dress?
Carter Chambers: Just getting to know each other.

Bugatti Veyron. Aston Martin. Rolls-Royce. Lamborghini. Ferrari. Maserati. Alfa Romeo. Audi. BMW. Mercedes-Benz. Porsche.

I will not claim to know everything about cars and their complex innards. I can’t even drive. My minimal knowledge of cars I owe to a few episodes of Top Gear and several NatGeo features on car factories I have managed to watch as well as to my own internet researches. Despite this, I’m really interested in cars, my ears perk up when I hear random reference to these driving machines, especially the Europeans.  They are topnotch.

With the same interest comes an almost insatiable need to collect information and be in-the-know of what’s hottest and latest in cars.  In the same line, there is also the obsession to carwatch during commutes and even when crossing the street and  the dream to someday watch Formula One (Monaco Grand Prix) and the wilder-crazier dream of dating a guy with super license like Kimi Raikkonen. He’s married, by the way, to former Miss Scandinavia Jenni Dahlman.

There’s something attractive about living life in a fast lane. 😀


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