Lovely pair

The eyes are the windows to the soul.  I’ve always had a thing for eyes. For me, having a beautiful pair of eyes (deep-set with long lashes) makes for an interesting face. There is just something about looking into a pair of beautiful eyes that makes me weak in the knees. So, let us dissect the difference between the two types of eyes one can look into: the sky and ocean eyes. And what better source to lend description than the lyrics of my favorite songs. 😀

She said she’d won the world at a carnival.
But she couldn’t ever win me.
Because she couldn’t ever catch me.
I…I know why.
Because when I look in her eyes, I just see the sky. (She Had the World, PATD)

Painted skies.
I’ve seen so many that cannot compare
to your ocean eyes. (The Sun and the Moon, Mae)

Sky eyes are beautiful but empty. Looking into sky eyes is like the feeling you get when talking to someone you feel no connection with, sort of detached and that someone out of reach. And the sad thing is that you can’t care less.

Ocean eyes, on the other hand, are the type of eyes that you can drown into. They have a depth you can’t quite fathom. The enigma draws you deeper. And I believe that we have a natural tendency to try to decipher enigmas and that soul revealed-veiled behind ocean eyes are as enigmatic as things get, so it draws us.  We don’t care if we choke and die in the process.  We try to understand something that is beyond us, no matter how futile it may seem because there is something irresistible about a lost cause.


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