Am I more than you bargained for?

Every once in a while, you find someone who’s iridescent.  And when you do, nothing compares. Flipped (2010)

I looked at him that night, really looked at him.  I couldn’t help it.  He was wearing this contagious smile of his as we played air hockey.  We were in the arcade.  He mock-tutored me driving after he finished with his racing game.  I smiled because I’ve always wanted a guy to teach me driving and stuff.  He patiently listened while I talked about my dream of watching a Formula One race.  I felt giddy like a kid.  Was this a sign? Or am I reading too much into things again?

That night was when I was feeling really low.  I’m very hormonal if you should know. Hahaha! I wanted to watch a movie and no one wanted to come.  No one but him. 😀 For whatever reason he might have had for coming, I was truly grateful.  Here was one guy who listened and read between the lines.  Here was one who refused to take the easy way out and just stop being a gentleman.  Here was one guy who worried about why I was feeling low all of a sudden.  Since the ticket we got was for the 8:00 PM show, we decided to pass the time in the arcade.  I was not in the mood for anything remotely physical but I came out of that arcade elated.

We watched our horror movie after.  And boy was that movie stressful. Hahaha! I was feeling cold a short time after we entered the cinema and he offered his jacket. I sat through the movie feeling comfortable and smiling like a fool. I’ve always dreamed of a guy who would offer his jacket to me when we’re watching a movie. 😀  Later on, I felt that he was shaking a bit. He looked pale.  He was feeling cold so I gave him his jacket and we agreed taking turns wearing it.  Or me wearing most and he having just enough to cover his right shoulder. He was that type of guy.  He would unnecessarily inconvenience himself just to show his concern.

I told him how that he was being a gentleman at his own expense.  He said that it was to no one’s expense.  I knew he’d say that to pacify me.  But I was truly grateful.  And to close that night, I texted him, “Whatever it is that you’re wishing for, I’m sure that God is moving mountains for you, Mr. Heart of Gold.”  He replied: “Thank you.  And I’m sure that God will grant you the passion you desire. Just keep seeking it.”

How did he work his way into my heart?:D  Goodness maybe? I know that if it’s with this guy, I can take a chance, and willingly. 😀 He can make a believer out of this skeptic, if he hasn’t yet.

But we won’t have those spontaneous nights as easily again.  He’ll be leaving and I know that I’m going to lose him slowly, inch by inch. 😦  But I’m glad and thankful that for a time, I found an oasis in the desert and though I cannot stay there for long because my journey must go on (and obviously I can’t take the oasis with me HAHA), I’m rejuvenated.  A hope of better days sprang in my heart, a hope that someday my magic can be restored. 😀

And as he spoke, he spoke ordinary words
Although they did not feel
For I felt what I had not felt before
And you’d swear those words could heal.
And as I looked up into those eyes
His vision borrows mine.
And I know he’s no stranger,
For I feel I’ve held him for all of time.
And he said, “Take my hand.  Live while you can.  Don’t you feel your dreams lie right in the palm of your hands?”


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