The Law of Attraction

So you feel your loved ones do not understand you? What other people think of you is none of your business. Your Being is asking you to be yourself in strength. When you share yourself in joy you can easily be a threat to those who do not because they will reflect off you. Your radiance is enlivening them but they have to move in order to feel it and that is scary. So rejection or put down of you or even avoidance of you is their way of coping.

By all means temper what you feel but do not hide what you are. You are learning another lesson in being yourself without doubting. It is another opportunity to become stronger, surer of who you are. And sometimes it will mean that others will drift away from you and you from them. This is the Shift, things are all changing and the more you are willing to change the sweeter it will become. Trust yourself and trust the Universe.

It is conspiring to bring you greater opportunity to spread your wings of love that you have so longed for. Don’t try to change others just strengthen your own radiance. It will always touch others. What they do about it or with it is their business. This is how we are changing the world, touch by touch.
Feel your radiance and Shine irrespective of what is happening around you.


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