Mining for a Heart of Gold

Smile. Wear black socks and don’t overdo the perfume. Open the door for her and offer  your hand when she’s taking the stairs or trying to go down from an elevated place. Look up and watch the stars with her and picture vanilla twilight and agree with her that Owl City songs break your hearts. Take long walks with her because you both love it and it allows for conversations about the most random things.

Take her to dinner with your friends and whisper explanations to her ear when she tries to decipher why guys always misinterpret text messages from girls. Laugh with her, for her, because of her. Make her laugh at you, for you and because of you. Buy her a drink, a white russian or a classic mojito and drink from her glass when she offers. Take her by the hand to the dance floor and twirl her around until you’re both sweating.

Tell her your dreams, your passions and don’t get daunted when you find that you have nothing in common. Remind her that she should take her chances, take a leap of faith. Understand when she tells you she can’t trust anyone anymore. Look at her with concern when she opens up to you about her issues and problems. Sing to her and play the guitar for her. Run with her across a wide open space and laugh when she tells you the journey is over and you made it to the place where you first met. Tease her about that time she threw up in front of you. She will remember how you rubbed her back and kept telling her it’s okay.

Teach her stocks and worry about the bump that compressed your spine. Let her check on you. Text her good morning after partying the night away. You can do a lot more things for her and with her but remember that she can see right through you so just be yourself. Smile and just be yourself. Never forget that you will never be the right guy for the wrong girl. But she will love you, with a tender and full of respect kind of love because you treat her right.


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