The necessity for opposites

He said the way my blue eyes shined put those Georgia stars to shame that night.                I said, “That’s a lie.”

And then she said she can’t believe, genius only comes along in storms of fabled foreign tongues. Tripping eyes and flooded lungs, northern downpour sends its love.

There you see the stark difference between the lyricism of two of my most favorite music. The former is by Taylor Swift and falls under country while the latter is by Panic at the Disco. Both these artists are storytellers, but of different perspectives.

Taylor’s music is straightforward and naive. I always take to her lyrics because they describe the things that I find most endearing: small-town love affairs, childhood memories of vibrant summers and happy rides along back roads. Her songs are narratives of things past that can never be regained, a reliving of moments that stick. They make one believe in simplicity, paint one pictures of a charming Midwest town. And although her scenes are as foreign as they can get, they remind me of home–where the asphalt roads are as blue as the ocean, the fire trees as red as the setting sun, and where happiness springs without a cost.

PATD’s music, on the other hand, is riddled with innuendos and puns, going as poetic and roundabout as lyrics get. But I love their songs because they make me think and assume meanings behind lines. The lyrics are, oftentimes, a description of debauchery. PATD paints pictures of cabarets, casinos, motels, the Russian roulette, among other wild things. Sometimes, I can’t help smiling when listening to their songs, so raw and uninhibited. But most of the time, I listen uncomprehending. They give a taste of the things/experiences that I may be too coward to try for myself. Their music has a heart that dares listeners to think and imagine. And because I waste so much time trying to decipher the meanings behind the lyrics of the songs, I find that they have become my own, my very personal riddles with answers to be revealed in sporadic epiphanies.

So you see, opposites don’t always destroy one another. They provide let up for one another, giving way to balance. And in this case, sanity.


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