Lost love

Put another ex on the calendar
Summer’s on its deathbed
There is simply nothing worse than knowing how it ends

Time flies, they say. But it never feels so when you’re hurting. Life goes all slow-mo on you when all you want is for it to skip or fast-forward to the “finally-moved-on-I’m-happy-now” part. But never should you bypass the grieving phase or you run the risk of reverting to it just when you thought you’ve moved on. And that is the worst feeling in the world.

My ma told me that the best thing she learned in life is acceptance. Acceptance is crucial to moving on. It’s acknowledging that despite your best efforts, things don’t always work out the way you wish them to.

So let go and smile. Know in your heart that he has been so much a part of you. And sometimes, the only way to freedom is to let that part of you die.


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