I love words.

Je t’aime.

I’m trying to learn basic French from my cousin who took up European Languages in college. I must say it’s pretty hard, what with 19 or so vowel sounds. He told me it’d be easier if I knew Latin because it is the mother of the Romance languages. Unfortunately, I don’t. So he had a pretty hard time trying to explain conjugation to me as well as how to properly pronounce the words–nasals and throaty sounds. I always knew French to be a most romantic language, with words delicate and soft in the tongue, but I never thought learning it could be so complicated.

Anyway, the French is just a segue.

I love words.

They are fluid and powerful. One can play with them. I’ve been in love with words since I was a kid, always hungry for new ones to add to my vocabulary. I especially love the simple, evocative ones like twilight and sunshine. I also love prepositions, which when tossed around produces interesting little phrases out of boring ones. It is in pursuit of this love that I decided to put up a blog. I have no other motive but to share this love and allow my words to paint a picture of the scenes and the things that matter most to me.

So please bear with me because this is the first time I’ll pursue my love with a single-mindedness I’ve always lacked.


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